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A 10+ years experienced IT professional, I worked mainly in communications and collaboration part of networks, with MS Exchange Server, Google Apps for Work as my primary areas of activities. I am familiar with a lot of scripting and few programming languages, such as VB.NET which I love and spent more than 18 years with VB in general, then C#, Python, PHP, and some C++… I know how to script with PowerShell and Linux Bash as well.

I am certified in Exchange 2010/2013, Windows Server 2008R2/2012, and ITIL. While I am preparing for my PMP certification, I’ll still be focusing on the technical side of IT until I get the good chance to move to the management with my PMP and the related experience to that.

Aside from IT, I have other interests in electronics, I’m all into Arduino and I am learning how to design my own smart-home system, as well as giving it all the functionality I want through Raspberry…

I also like gaming, and mainly play: Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers, Stellaris, Take On Mars, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, Black Mesa and Half-Life, in addition to Minecraft, and sometimes Uplink!

I am married to a lovely wife, and got 2 awesome sons!

My LinkedIn profile: http://sa.linkedin.com/pub/saleh-ramadan/47/34/623

What is this blog?

This is my personal space where I will share my experience, thoughts, and other topics that few times might not be related to the title of the blog, I am doing this because I feel 10 years is already enough as a technical, and it is time to move up to be managing people. I have read a quote for Ralph Waldo Emerson: The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss., and I am planning to start knowing why as I knew enough how…

Recent posts

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  • A story of a project: 3600 users to G Suite in 60 days! – Day 1: Starting up - Day summary We started the project with a technical workshop with the customer IT teams. They had 2 teams working on this: infrastructure and hosting team, and the end-user support team. We divided ourselves into two teams as well, I went with the infrastructure team, and we sent 2 guys to help the support team […]
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